Taronah Tallis

Chochmos bachutz taronah. Proverbs 1:20 gives voice to a personified Wisdom, declaring that she cries out in the streets.

Created for Rosh Khoydesh, the Taronah tallis draws its wearer in to hear the lines of wisdom joyously passed between women and gender non-conforming Jews.

Reminiscent of the new moon, this tallis bears gentle lilac and periwinkle stripes of starlit sky interspersed with rosemary and ferns. Its atarah [neckband, lit. “crown”] has been dyed with mulberry and wild grape gathered locally on Nipmuc land.

This is the first Kol Atzmotai tallis to be printed with a new Hebrew font developed by KA design partner Simcha Miller.

This tallis was created as part of a timed challenge with Moishe House’s Expedition Maker: the Great Jewish Craft Off. To learn more, check out the partnerships tab.

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