Taleisim, Tefillin bags, and more

Gan Raveh Botanically Dyed tallis

This prayer shawl is dyed with the first crocuses of spring along with onion skin, mulberry, and winterberry.

Bearing the block printed phrase “Gan raveh simenu b’tal” (Make us a flourishing garden with dew), this tallis evokes the abundance of Spring by drawing from the prayers for Tal (Dew) recited on Pesach.

100% mulberry silk with handspun silk tzitzis. Sliding scale $200-500.

Feygeleh Bag

Fancy a little gay Yiddish merch? This hand-printed 100% cotton knapsack features a little songbird perched atop the word feygeleh. Feygeleh is a Yiddish word meaning ‘little bird’, and is also used colloquially to refer to a gay person similar to pansy, fruit, or fairy in English.

Covenantal Rainbow Tefillin Bag – $65

Yotzer Or Tefillin Bag – $65

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