Olam Chesed Yibaneh tallis

The tallis that started it all.

When Noam Mason needed their own first tallis as an adult, they sat down to design something that felt like it held their creativity, their Jewishness, and their love of the Earth.

This tallis depicts the broken down anatomy of an American beech tree: the water that feeds it, the soil it makes its home in, its interlocking branches, and its bright serrated leaves, well known to anyone born and raised in New England.

Drawing from the sense of interconnectedness the stripes evoke, the atarah, dyed with avocado and locally gathered pokeberry, declares “Olam chesed yibaneh”- from the book of Psalms, the whole world is build with love.

This tallis is the first Kol Atzmotai project and the beginning of Noam’s work as a tallis artist.

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