Judaica & Art

Covenantal Rainbow Tefillin Bag – $65

Yotzer Or Tefillin Bag – $65

Handprinted River Water Challah Cover. 100% cotton, machine washable. $50

Botanically Dyed Khanike Cards- The borders of these greeting cards have been hand-dyed in dyepots of chestnut and avocado with colors and marks left by contact prints of turmeric, black bean, goldenrod, and dried leaves. There are 3 designs painted in gold- Nes Gadol Hayah Sham [Hebrew: A Great Miracle Happened There], a Menorah, and Oy Ir Kleyne Lichtelekh, Ir Dertzeylt Geshichtelekh [Yiddish: Oh, Little Candles, What Stories You Tell!]. Each set of 3 contains one of each design and includes envelopes. $18 for 3 cards.

Chestnut and Turmeric dyed bookmarks. Lovely Khanike gifts for the book lovers and tree huggers in your life! $18 for a pack of 3.

Ani L’Dodi Prints. $36

Nature prints. $36

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